The Computer Science Club will be participating in the HSU Startup Weekend featuring the Lumberhacks Hackathon the weekend of March 23-35. LumberHacks is open to all local colleges and high schools. A hackathon is a time to unleash creative talents and solve difficult problems as members of multidisciplinary teams. Teams may comprise members from any background ranging from art, business, psychology and sociology, to environmental, geospatial engineering and computer science. It’s about solving difficult problems with a unique, effective and elegant solution.

The Hackathon provides a capstone event at the end of the school year. It’s a platform that is meant to be fun, engaging, stimulating, creative, innovative, and a little competitive. To be successful, participants will need to work with a diverse set of backgrounds, execute on the vision, sell their ideas, and deliver an product.

Just as importantly, Hackathons provide a way to network people together with their surrounding communities, and highlight real problems that we need solved. Hackathons are a great way to develop a culture of innovation, rapid-prototyping and building technical solutions to common problems. And they are a path for success; students can add the experience to their resumes.

Without you, this can’t happen. Your donation will be used to pay for the lifeblood of our event: meals, t-shirts, tech support, and prizes for Lumberhacks.

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